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FACE UAE's Constitution and By-Laws

The Filipino Association for Computer Excellence also known as FACE is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization operating under the auspices of the Philippine Embassy (Abu Dhabi and Al Ain) & Philippine Consulate General (Dubai and Northern Emirates) Office of the Labor Attache and OWWA, Dubai- United Arab Emirates.

Section 1.To provide useful and quality Information Technology training programs;
Section 2.To help members obtain industry-recognized Computer Certification;
Section 3.To conduct workshops, lectures and seminars on topics of interest in computers an information technology;
Section 4.To promote brotherhood and camaraderie among its members and between FACE and other organizations;
Section 5.To serve as an implementing arm for the Philippine Embassy, Office of the Labour Attache and OWWA in carrying out programs, activities and undertakings for the benefit of the Filipinos.

Membership is open to all Filipinos of good moral character and who subscribes to the aims and objectives of FACE.
Section 1. Membership is open to all Filipinos of good moral character and who conforms to the aims and objectives of FACE UAE; regardless of sex, religion and creed.
Section 2. An applicant becomes a member upon the approval of the Executive Council as recommended by the Committee on Membership and Discipline;
Section 3. Members who have not renewed their membership cannot exercise their rights to vote nor are they entitled to enjoy the rights and privileges of active members,
Section 4. Members shall be classified into:

4.1 Regular Member-refers to active members who have fully paid their dues and enjoy the rights and priveleges offerd by FACE UAE;

4.2 Student Member-refers to members currently enrolled in any course(s) offered by FACE UAE. He shall enjoy all the benefits of regular members except the privelege of being a trainer;

4.3 Honorary Member-refers to members who have extended exemplary services and contribution in achieving the objectives of FACE UAE. His membership must be recomended and approved by the Executive Council. An Honorary member shall be exempted in paying membership fees.

Section 1. Members are required to pay AED 50.00 per year as membership feefor the first year and AED 30.00 upon renewal;
Section 2.Any changes in the membership fee shall be recommended by the Executive Council and must be approved by at least 2/3 votes of members.

Section 1.


1.1 Shall serves as the Chief Executive of FACE UAE;
1.2 Shall convene and presides over general, special, and all other meetings of the Executive Council;
1.3 Shall oversee the day-to-day activities of FACE UAE;
1.4 Shall have a power to appoint Coordinator and other positions as deemed necessary;
1.5 Shall prepare and recommend calendar year of activities for approval of the Executive Council;
1.6 Shall represents FACE UAE in all official functions.

Section 2.

First Vice-President (Internal)

2.1 Shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence;
2.2 Shall Coordinates the activities of the following Committees:

2.2.1 Committee on Training & Workshops;
2.2.2 Committee on Property & Logistics;
2.2.3 Committee on Membership & Discipline;
2.2.4 Committee on Finance.

Section 3.Second Vice - President (External)

3.1 Shall represents FACE in meetings and all undertakings in the absence of the President and First Vice - President.
3.2 Shall coordinates the activities of the following committees:
3.2.1 Committee on Hardware and Software Development;
3.2.2 Committee on Organizational Affairs;
3.2.3 Committee on Special Projects

Section 4.First Secretary

4.1 Shall record and distribute the minutes of the meeting;
4.2 Shall notifies concerned members for scheduled meetings as instructed by the President;
4.4.3 He/she shall be responsible for processing and distribution of all correspondences to and from FACE UAE.

Section 5. Second Secretary

5.1 Shall be responsible in maintaining a complete files of all the records of the organization;
5.2 Shall assume th

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